Thursday, April 06, 2006

Microsoft Virtual Server Part ][

OK. First, you can't use Firefox as your Virtual Server Manager browser client. Let alone running it with Javascript disabled.

But now I've got it working in IE, though it seems to be a pain that I can't set IE as the default browser for this application without setting it system-wide.

I've gone and created a 3Gb virtual hard disk. Next up is to create a machine that uses that disk.

Everything looks good except the following:

Virtual Machine Additions
Important: We highly recommend that you install Virtual Machine Additions. Virtual Machine Additions provides performance and feature enhancements for Windows-based guest operating systems. These features include: time synchronization between guest and host operating systems, mouse integration when using the ActiveX control in Virtual Machine Remote Control (VMRC), and a heartbeat for the guest operating system to monitor the state of the virtual machine.

Where do I get that? Hmm... Anyway.


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