Sunday, April 23, 2006

Catching a breather

For what seems to be an eternity, I've been working on this Symbian device driver. Just when I think I have it working, suddenly something else pops up elsewhere. Lately it's mostly been a matter of very poor performance, but before that it was problems with hardware interrupts not firing when they were expected. Finally, last Thursday the hardware manufacturer popped up out of nowhere and requested that we send our devices back because they'd like to take a look at the things and send us an updated set of devices.

Is it possible that the performance issues were hardware related? I hope so. It alleviates a lot of my pressure if that is the case.

So I sent the devices out on Friday morning and am expecting the new hardware any minute now. I've got a few minutes to take a breather and just unwind. Maybe I'll try to learn a new programming language. Maybe I'll just pass out on the floor and catch up on some overdue sleep.


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