Wednesday, September 22, 2004

The sales volume must be pretty low

So I've been given the order to buy some software for the current project we're working on here.

The first is CodeWarrior for Symbian (OEM version, of course). The other is Lauterbach Trace32.

Both software packages are upwards of $5,000 USD. So this little purchase order I'm filling out is about the same as a signficant fraction of my salary.

Apparently, I'm writing the wrong software because my stuff doesn't sell for anything close to that price.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Slashdot's 7r0117a1k closed

In what seems to be an effort to stem the tide of compromised PC IP addresses being blasted into the forum, Rob "CmdrTaco" Malda has shut down the 7r0117a1k forum.

Long known as a respite from the inane banter of the other trolltalk, sid 31337 has finally gone down the BSD path.

Truly an American icon. It will be missed.

Friday, September 03, 2004

Google Mail Notifier

There is a Firefox extension that alerts you to incoming emails to your GMail account.

Download it here.

Google Mail?

So I finally got invited to Google Mail. Actually, over at Fark they had a GMail free for all where someone could graciously post GMail invitation offers.

I snapped one up and am now inviting others. Well, close friends and family first.

BTW, Fark is hosting another GMail thread. Get your GMail already!