Thursday, July 29, 2010

Windows Live Messenger error 80048051

Sometimes Windows Live Messenger will refuse to log in, returning the error code 80048051. Messenger somehow thinks you are not online and will simply not access the Internet or even try to get online.

The reason for this is because Windows Live Messenger thinks you are in "offline mode". You probably used Internet Explorer recently and it set an offline mode flag when it shut down. You probably didn't even realize it was doing such a thing.

Messenger uses this flag to determine whether it should log in. If it sees that the system is in offline mode, it will simply refuse to connect. Why Microsoft tied Messenger to IE's settings is inscrutable to me. It breaks Messenger for no reason whatsoever.

THE FIX: Start up IE and access a website. Click on a link to activate online mode. If IE does not ask you if you want to go into online mode, keep clicking on links until IE pops up a dialog box asking you about it. Select the option that will put you back into online mode. Then, with IE in online mode, exit IE. This will force the offline/online mode setting to be set, and Messenger will now be able to get online.

Windows Live Messenger does not log in. Error 80048051 is shown

Windows Live Messenger has detected that the system is in Offline Mode

Set the Internet Offline Mode setting to Online Mode

How to do it:
1) Launch IE
2) Browse until IE asks you to work online (to turn online mode ON)
3) Enter online mode
4) Close IE

Hopefully Microsoft fixes this or at least provides a method that the user can turn online mode ON from Messenger.

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